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Tamarack Creations

Fun and Functional Cloth Pads

Hello, friends!

I have been making cloth menstrual pads for just about 2 years now. I made about a dozen to try out for myself and I had so much fun making my own, that I decided this might be a viable work-at-home option for me!

About the pads:
For the JazzyPads,I chose a holder-with-interchangeable-insert design. I do not use PUL. I use 'ripstop nylon' as a resistant barrier. It is lightweight and breathable. I find having a more breathable pad cuts way down on the sweaty/smelly aspect, which is the main reason hated pads so much in the past.

I would feel confident trying to sew any type of pad. My CozyPads are all-in-one pads with wings. they come in mini and maxi sizes.

I use pads like these myself. I do use a menstrual cup for my heavy days, but I have never bled all the way through one of the insert pads on my med/light days. (I do like to change several times a day.) I find that the 100% cotton flannel is extremely absorbent, and the more it is washed the more absorbent it gets.

I have been sewing most of my own clothes for 25 years, so I am an experienced seamstress.